Winter 2013

Finally some snow around these parts. Enjoying it while we can.

Hwy 20 in the 80 series

Winter in the Sierras

55 ‘vert

Next project for the shop FJ55  is the cage. Back from Rubicon less than a week and I had to get the body saw fired up.  I have a thing for topless 55′s. It’s been a long time since my first convertible wagon, the Spider truck, has been around. I missed her a lot…

Spider II

Spider II

Rubicon 2011

It was Friday, everything was new. Diesel engine, Ranger under drive to an SM420 and three speed case I had lying around. The FJ60 axles were just installed with brand new 4:88 gears and lockers, all of the suspension was new, the steering was all new. A couple weeks of straight work on the 55 and we were getting ready to take it on the shakedown run, Rubithon 2011.

We had a great experience on the Rubicon river canoeing upstream and into some very scenic pools. We fished and swam, wheeled and had a great time.

Canoeing near the secret spot

Waiting on the hill

The Streamliner wins the 1st annual Nevada City Adult Soapbox Derby

It was an eventful Fathers Day weekend here in Nevada City. The first annual Soapbox Derby was held in our neighborhood and we are proud to be involved with the winning car- The Streamliner, built by Telestream (my wifes company). 4x4labs built and donated some of the main parts including the roll cage and some structural components. We beat the other 41 entries and won every heat in the event.

Video of an unfortunate driver caught in the Streamliner’s jet wash

G bumpers

We’ve been refining our front and rear bumper designs for the Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen.

Order them from

The last true 4x4?

OM617 to Toyota W56 5 speed adapter kit

Mercedes OM617 to the Toyota truck 5 speed is available now.

Includes adapter plate, flywheel, crank adapter, hardware.

Adapters for the Toyota 5 speed available now


email sales at 4x4labs for more info.

Winter Fun Fest

A Cal 4wd event in our town. Hundreds of rigs and lots of snow.

4x4labs representing with Ben and his trusty steed Jackson (the dog not the cruiser)

If there was a more perfect day...


The diesel 40

The diesel 40 is running well after more than a year with the benz engine. We are installing an OM617/h41/split case into an FJ55 right now and should be testing it this season. Keep an eye out on the trail for the blue and white wagon with that familiar sound.

Secret spot, Rubicon trail


We are enjoying winter around here. Starting to feel the push to get rigs out of the garage and ready for the spring time. We are ramping up already for a busy season. Pondering Moab in spring, Rubicon in early summer and countless weekend trips to Fordyce creek, our favorite local trail. Keep us in mind when you hear that metal crunching sound…

Snow diesel

Mercedes Diesel Conversions are here!

Diesel Conversion Flywheel

After years of development we finally have 25 kits of the Mercedes OM617 5 cyl turbo-diesel to GM adapters available. This allows you to use any GM transmission or transmission that you can adapt to a GM pattern. Click here for more information.

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