FJ40 Frombe steer setup

Frombe-steer: tie rod behind the axle (frombehind)


  • 4x4Labs Complete Steering kit with tie rods, tie rod ends and jam nuts $550
  • 4x4Labs Steering arms only $300
  • Tie rod or drag link with ends $125
  • Tie Rods $65

Steering arms are available for Toyota straight axle vehicles.

  • Spring under or spring over
  • Small or large knuckle pattern
  • Land Cruisers from ’59-’90 •Toyota pickups and 4runners ’79-’85
  • 70 Series
  • Right hand drive
  • Toyota solid axle swaps
  • Suzuki Samurai with Toyota axle swaps
  • Diamond Axles
  • Any other custom axles with Toyota knuckles

Heavy duty tie rod assemblies included for your axle and steering box configuration.

  • Saginaw
  • Mini Truck P/S
  • Stock Cruiser center link
  • FJ 60
  • Scout II
  • IFS Toyota
  • FJ80
  • AstroVan

We have the numbers for over 300 different combinations, we CAN fit new steering arms to your rig.


Superior High steer setups designed correctly for your Toyota

Complete Steering Kits for Your Vehicle
4x4Labs has a steering kit for your rig. Check below for your application. You will need to know your knuckle bolt pattern, what type of tie rod ends you have, wheelbase of your vehicle and axle width if different from stock.

Bolt Patterns

  • ’78 and earlier Land Cruiser / small bolt pattern
  • ’79 and up Land Cruiser / large bolt pattern Toyota pickup,4Runner / large bolt pattern FJ60 FJ62 Land Cruiser / large bolt pattern 70 series Land Cruiser / large bolt pattern (right or left hand drive)

Tie Rod Ends:

  • Chevy 1-Ton ends
  • High angle Chevy 1-Ton Drag Link Ends
  • Spherical Rod Ends

Tie Rod Position:
4x4Labs steering arms position the tie rod above and behind the axle out of the way of trouble.

No longer will your tie rod be down in the rocks where it doesn’t belong. The drag link comes in high from the front and attaches to the top of the passenger side arm as in regular crossover steering but the tie rod attaches and steers from behind the axle. This same type of setup can found on the Land cruiser FJ80, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen and later model Land Rover products (the last of the solid axle real 4 wheel drives)

Angled Steering Arms
4x4Labs steering arms are engineered to properly address the need for wheel angles to change at different rates. This is the basis of the Ackerman Steering Principle. We design and manufacture our arms to specifically match the wheelbase and track width of different vehicles.

The Ackerman Steering Principle defines the geometry that is applied to all vehicles (two or four wheel drive) to enable the correct turning angle of the steering wheels to be generated when negotiating a corner or a curve. If both the wheels were turned by the same amount, the inside wheel would scrub (effectively sliding
sideways) and lessen the effectiveness of the steering. This tire scrubbing, which also creates loss of traction and wear in the tire, can be eliminated by turning the inside wheel at a greater angle than the outside one. Aligning both wheels in the proper direction of travel creates consistent steering without undue wear and loss of traction in either of the tires.

Bolt Patterns and Spring Under
4x4Labs steering arms are designed for Toyota axles including the earlier land cruiser axles with small knuckle pattern. We’ve designed special sets of arms for spring under cruisers with varying degrees of lift, severely lifted spring over vehicles or vehicles with thicker spring packs requiring taller arms.

Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends
4x4Labs rods are constructed of 1.25x.219 wall 1018 DOM threaded tubing. We do not use inserts. GM one-ton ends (7/8-18), 7/8 spherical rod ends (7/8-14) or FJ80 (23mmx1.5) ends are available with custom length applications available as well.